Front and return are made from acrylic. Acrylic can be light diffusing or opaque non light diffusing. Various colors from Pantone and RAL for acrylic are possible. Also the front acrylic can be covered with translucent vinyl (Oracal 8500 or Avery 4500 Series).

Back of letters are finished with Aluminum or PVC based on the request.

Letters can be produced without LED illumination if desired. Letters have 12V Samsung branded IP67 LEDs and stripe LED is not used. As default channel letters are presented with IP68 Power Supply. Different brands of LED and Power Supply can be supplied upon request. Manuel dimmer or dimmable power supply are available upon request. LEDs used for channel letters are dimmable.

Minimum beam thickness of letters can be 30mm. Minimum depth is 70mm.

The installation is followed by screwing the back part to wall and then the front body to the back part.

Based on the request, the letters can be sent mounted on a frame (rail) or aluminum case.
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